COVID-19 Restart Class Schedule

Registration and Return to Classes  – Registration starts immediately with first classes starting October 13th.

COVID-19 Restart Class Schedule

We are excited to return to dancing and we want to do so with safety as our top priority and therefore, will be following the Restart Schedule listed below to start.

** Restart Schedule and Fee Structure is in effect beginning October 13th 2020 (and will remain so until further notice).

** Class times have been staggered to minimize traffic at the hall as well as allow additional time to sanitize surfaces between classes

** When deemed safe to do so, Chaban will resume Regular Schedule and Fee Structure (refer to  Registration Form for Regular Schedule and Fee Structure)

Note: We will attempt to provide two weeks notice to dancers’ before Regular Schedule will resume  (ie- increased hours/fees for Juniors/Intermediate & Youth Ensemble)

**Please refer to our COVID Guidelines & Etiquette for new guidelines to keep all of our dancers safe.